Friday, January 15, 2010

First of All

A very first post in 2010. Time really passed without you and I noticing it. I started feel old after all, life is like getting tougher when we grow older. More to worry about, more choices to decide, more challenges to go through, and more experiences to gain as well. Not to mention, I have been in the Uni for 2 years, and I suppose I am going to graduate real soon. From a junior to a senior, the path wasn't that tough though. I suppose everyone has stress, and the amount of stress matters. Somebody told me that, stress isn't that bad, instead, it is all about how we digest stress, and it do really helps to motivate us to keep moving forward. I found his words kind of make senses, and it always floating in my mind to keep me reminded. Seriously, nowadays my life getting more contented yet satisfying with the existing of those stresses.

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Gee said...

it will be a sweet grad soon..all the best :-)