Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jokes of the day =P


American Spaceman is called Astronaut
Russian Spaceman is called Cosmonaut
Chinese Spaceman is called Taikonaut
Malaysian Spaceman??? - Can-or-naut

Datuk Najib was thinking about sending somebody
into space. Three potential can-or-nauts were
called for an interview - one Indian, one Malay
and one Chinese.

Najib interviews the Indian first: "So,
Muthu, this is a dangerous mission.
How much do you think you should be paid?"
Muthu replied: "Ten million ringgit."
"Why so much?" asks Najib.
"Very dangerous mission, Datuk. Maybe no come
back!" replied Muthu.
"That's understandable," says Najib. "Thank you..

Please ask the Malay guy to come here,"
So the Malay walks up, and is asked the same question.
"Alamak!...20 million, Datuk," replied the Malay candidate.
"Twenty million? That's twice as much! Even the aneh before you
asked for only ten million."
"You see, Datuk," explains Mat, "I have 4
wives and 15 children ... With 20 of us, it is a big
family to support when I am gone...!"
"I see," says D.Najib. "Okay, can you ask that Chinese guy to come then?"

The Chinese guy comes in and Najib asks, "Ah Chong,
given this is a very risky mission, how much do you want?"
Ah Chong thinks for a while, and says, "30 million."
Najib appears shocked. "What?!? 30 million!
Why so much?"
Ah Chong beckons Najib to come closer.
He quietly whispers into his ear,
"Datuk, you take 10 million, i take 10 million,
and then use the extra ten million, send that aneh to space lah!"

And...the Muthu was finally sent out to space.....


It's 1++ am in the morning...the night still young though(I live like an owl) not in mood to do what I supposed to do( study for the coming MID TERM EXAM)
I planned to study tonight...but who knows the stupid flu came to's annoying yet made me dizzy all the study huh?! how to pass the exam...tembak? essay wo? how! HOW! How?!

I had just briefly looked through the notes yesterday...I was like know bitbit...don't know bigbig....sad T.T

Just pray hard that tomorrow can get rid of the stupid flu...and I can STUDY for my MALAYSIAN is like HISTORY which I had studied before during my old peeps should know that HISTORY was my worst subject of all...never strike an A for it...OMG it came to me again...

What can I do now ?Just accept the fact lo(yea i will love MS as much as i love her)...
My brainy...I know you're suffering now...MS has gang banged you...NVM...just endure...i will treat you back after the exam(I've planned something...hiakhiak^^)

This will be just a short post for me to give vent on my dissatisfied...huhu(feel better jor)
K la...sleep soon...NITEZ all!

p/s : stupid flu...pls get away from me...ASAP!!!

Chung signing

Monday, February 23, 2009

That was past, This is NOW!

Without anyone noticing it...I'm back...CHUNG is back!!!This will be quite surprising to my old peeps...HAHA:P...According to my very last post, it was on October 08...WTF?(forgive me for my rudeness)...Oops sad...the pity blog was left abandoned for 987456 be's actually 4 months and 15 days...

As what you guys have seen...I had just renovated my blog...everything is new...even the tittle and the layout are changed)...Just one thing that left unchanged is the author('s me)...hahaha...I'm kinda love it so much because it's much prettier and better than previous...Don't you agree with me?(bet you have the same feeling as mine)
I remembered that last time I was quite active in updating and told someone that I will be updating the blog frequently(once a week)...

Hehe...The outcome was actually the author ended up QUIT from blogging...I was like didn't update anything up to few weeks then better off left it to DEAD...Perhaps I was kinda lack of somethings else(Figure it out)...

Hoho...I discovered that there was still loyal readers came to visit but I've disappointed them...
Now this blog is like went through reincarnation...and finally REBORN!!!
As every gamers knew that anything that REBORN will definitely turned stronger and better than previous...So, I can barely feel that my interest to blog is BACK!!!

Sorry for did not post any photo yet...The main point was actually because of my not-so-beautiful hair...I am waiting it to grow and going for hair cut very very soon...Haha...(Be patience dudes^^)

Here, I am going to welcome everyone of you back to BUZZ(ya...this is my blog latest tittle)...To new comers I would like to appreciate your visit and a huge WELCOME too...
I think it's the end of the post...Enjoy reading and stay tuned for the upcoming post...

p/s : some of you might be wondering why there was dot dot dot(...) existed in every sentences...Haha...THIS MY STYLE!!!mind you:P

Chung signing